A Finished Catalog in the Country Primitive Style

Below are the individual pages from a catalog I photographed and composed for Honey and Me Incorporated. It’s one of about 20 such projects, encompassing some 3000+ prototypes over a six year period. It is in the Country Primitive style, defined by company’s line of products and general image. I worked directly with the CEO, who was also the designer of all the items and stylist for all company media. She created between 500 and 800 prototypes yearly. Around 75% went into full production runs at facilities in China. My daily responsibilities included digitizing and interpreting her pencil or pen and ink drawings into product templates, or typography elements, to be screen-printed or affixed to the items in some fashion. Once the prototypes were approved, I generated bar-coded labels and price tags. Those were sent to the multiple manufacturers in China to be attached during production. An average seasonal offering would be from 200 to 600 products, 4 times per year. As the webmaster, I was then tasked with updating the company’s wholesale web store (which I also designed and built) and composing the print catalogs as seen below.